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Vicki Kilpatrick

Vicki Kilpatrick 601-949-1949

I provide comprehensive, educational assessments for students.  If your child is experiencing difficulties in school, an assessment is the first step in determining a course of action in remediating those issues.

ADHD evaluations for children and adults can also be provided. Information will be gathered from a variety of sources to determine if ADHD characteristics are present in multiple environments.  Recommendations will be provided to assist the individual in coping with these characteristics.

Additionally, intellectual testing can identify students who may be intellectually gifted. These results may be helpful in obtaining services in advanced placement classes or enrichment programs. 

Times: Wednesdays 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Evaluations are available for non-members and members of First Baptist Jackson.

Call (601)949-1949 for information or an appointment.