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Dr. Matt Brooks

Senior Pastoroffice: 601-949-1935

Bob Gladney

Executive Pastor of Operationsoffice: 601-949-1935

Lance Taylor

Executive Pastor of Ministriesoffice: 601-949-1935

Teresa Saxton

Administrative Asst, Senior & Executive Pastorsoffice: 601-949-1935

Education & Discipleship

Cathy Jeffcoats

Minister of Assimilationoffice: 601-949-1941

David Doyle

Student Pastoroffice: 601-949-1909

Steven Smith

College and 20s Pastoroffice: 601-949-1913

Tom Washburn

Mature Adult Pastoroffice: 601-949-1980

Lisa George

Administrative Asst, Educationoffice: 601-949-1941

Lydie Vick

Ministry Asst, College & Single Adult office: 601-949-1906

Sharon Wu

Ministry Asst, Studentsoffice: 601-949-1905

Nicole Hardeman

Associate Student Girls Minister - Girls Ministryoffice: 601-949-1910

Family Ministry

Bruce Warf

Family Pastoroffice: 601-949-1968

Tamah White

Interim Preschool Coordinatoroffice: 601-949-1911

Bonnie Snellgrove

Interim Weekday Children's Directoroffice: 601-949-1997

Jane Bridges

CLC Accounts Manageroffice: 601-949-1947


Dr. Jim Spikes

Missional Disciple-Making Pastoroffice: 601-949-1933

Luke Epperson

CityChurch Pastor

Peter Liu

Chinese Ministry Pastor

Lee Thigpen

Executive Director, Mission Firstoffice: 601-949-1932

Cecelia Temple Norwood

Administrative Asst, Mission First, Local Missionsoffice: 601-714-6901

Kasey Shackelford

Women’s Mission and Ministry Director and Missions Deployment Coordinatoroffice: 601-949-1940

Music & Worship

Dr. L. Lavon Gray

Lead Worship Pastoroffice: 601-949-1921

James Arrington Goff

Organistoffice: 601-573-2369

Nick Hardeman

Associate Worship Pastor – Student Worship Artsoffice: 601-949-1974

Eva Hart

Music Assistant/Pianistoffice: 601-949-1951

Chris Rhodes

Associate Worship Pastor – Contemporary Worshipoffice: 601-949-1979

Terry Sims

Administrative Asst, Musicoffice: 601-949-1921

Alexia Valente

Ministry Asst, Musicoffice: 601-949-1952

Tim Walker

Associate Worship Pastor - Instrumentaloffice: 601-949-1950

Counseling & Congregational Care

Dr. Charles Boudreaux

Counseling and Congregational Care Pastoroffice: 601-949-1949

Ginger Ray

Ministry Asst, Counselingoffice: 601-949-1948

Joy Woods

Ministry Asst, Counselingoffice: 601-949-1949

Judy Tharpe

Ministry Asst, Counseling & Congregational Careoffice: 601-949-1907

Terri Pigford

Wedding Coordinatoroffice: 601-949-1925

Recreation Ministry

Bruce Warf

Family Pastoroffice: 601-949-1968

Jane Bridges

CLC Accounts Manageroffice: 601-949-1947


Allison Talley

Director of Communicationsoffice: 601-949-1900

Annerin Long

Ministry Asst, Graphic Artsoffice: 601-949-1996

Noble Mosby

Director of Creativity and Productionoffice: 601-949-1972

John Forystek

Live Worship Production Pastoroffice: 601-949-1975

Business Office

Bobby Ray

Business Administratoroffice: 601-949-1928

David Britt

Director of Information Systemsoffice: 601-949-1998

Veronica Cumberland

Director of Accountingoffice: 601-949-1931

Nema Donovan

Administrative Asst, Business Officeoffice: 601-949-1928

Dotty Sullivan

Receptionistoffice: 601-949-1900

Support Services

Dennis Chism

Director of Housekeepingoffice: 601-949-1917

Jerry Kyzar

Director of Maintenanceoffice: 601-949-1943

Eddie Washington

Director of Safety & Securityoffice: 601-949-1900