Kids Sunday School @ 9:00 am

Kids Sunday School @ 9:00 am

Next Meeting:
Sunday, Oct 23
9:00am - 10:00am
Meeting Frequency:
Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Sunday morning children grades 1-6 fill the hallways and rooms with excitement. Our Sunday morning experience for children includes a balance of Bible Study, Bible learning activities, worship for children and fabulous fellowship.


First Grade: Laura Zettler, Audrey Morehead, Ginger Steadman, Cameron Huff 

Second Grade: 

   (Class A) Devin Moseley, Soyrietta Valentine, Kysia Geary

   (Class B) Andy Talley, Allison Talley, Chuck Gautier, Gingi Gautier, Ali Dinkins 

Third Grade: 

    (Class A) Doris Dixon, Bubba Walker, Natalie Gibbs 

    (Class B) Carolyn Tatum, Sandy Chesser, Bettie Knight, Natalie Adkins, Deanna Blackledge

Fourth Grade: 

    (Class A) Dianne Crawley, Nancy Edmonds, Trey Tracy 

    (Class B) Lourene Johnson, Louren Stebbins, Paige Polk 

Fifth Grade: Al Crawley, Pam Harris, Kay Holmes, Denise Cooper 

Sixth Grade: Jessica Holmes, Russell Holmes, Michael Ford, Jamie Ford, Rebecca Kincaid 

First/Second/Third Grade*: Joe and Bebe Fritz, Steve and Lenora Bigler 

Fourth/Fifth/Sixth Grade*: Jerold and Doreen Sit, John Beard 

( * Formerly 10:30 am Classes)

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