Sojourners | Williams/Gladney Class

Sojourners | Williams/Gladney Class

Next Meeting:
Sunday, Aug 31
9:00am - 10:00am
Meeting Frequency:
Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
West W435

Though designed as a class for couples early in their marriage, our members are a mix of ages and marital status. We give newlywed couples a place to connect and grow, while ministering to more mature couples and singles. We welcome all new members with open arms!

A Peek Into Our Group...

What Makes Us Unique
Our class is designated as an early marriage class, but it incorporates adults of all ages and walks of life. This diversity allows our class to invest in each other’s lives in a rich way. Whatever your walk of life you will feel welcomed and comfortable in our class! Ben and Emily fall in the "middle" of our age range, truly making this class multi-generational.

Additionally, as a newly formed class our regular attendance is small, around 6-10. We are definitely a place for you to feel needed and appreciated.

What We Study on Sunday Mornings
If you're looking for a solid, Bible-based class that enjoys an in-depth study each week, come check us out! Our class doesn't use a particular curriculum but takes a book of the Bible and works through verse by verse, chapter by chapter. Ben and Emily Williams are the main teachers for this class, with Barbara Gladney filling in when needed.  

Outside of Class
Our members enjoy planning fellowship times and parties to connect outside of class. We would love for you to join us!

Ben and Emily Williams
Young Married Adults Staff
Bruce Warf | Family Pastor | 601-949-1968 |
Patricia Jenkins | Administrative Asst, Education | 601-949-1941 |