Adkins / Filgo / Stebbins Class

Adkins / Filgo / Stebbins Class

Next Meeting:
Sunday, Feb 26
9:00am - 10:00am
Meeting Frequency:
Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
West W432

A young married adult class who loves to socialize, this class is enjoying the parenting journey together.

A Peek Into Our Group...

What Makes Us Unique
We are a young married adult class with most members ranging in age from 34 - 45. Class members connect in many ways, but the thing that we have in common is we all have children ranging from ages 2 - 19. We all care deeply for each other. We pray for and provide meals when members are hurting, our children play with each other, and we enjoy Sunday School socials.

What We Study on Sunday Mornings
We use the Bible. Our teaching team alternates teaching every couple of weeks but usually works in tandem to teach a series on a specific topic that covers a few weeks.

Outside of Class
We enjoy socializing. The ladies in our class meet once per quarter during the work week for an informal lunch. We will have a party at someone's home during the spring and fall. Our Christmas party is a wonderful event that brings us all together at the end of the year. Every member is a part of a Care Group. These small groups are organized by a Care Group Leader and allow members to feel part of a smaller group. The group may meet for lunch, pray for each other, and pay close attention to any needs that the group members may have.

Todd Adkins / Bob Filgo / Frank Stebbins
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