Sugg Class (60-69)

Sugg Class (60-69)

Next Meeting:
Sunday, Feb 26
9:00am - 10:00am
Meeting Frequency:
Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Our class is uniquely designed for the 60's age single adult.

A Peek Into Our Group...

What Makes Us Unique
We discover the truths of God and their application to our lives today as we engage in our in-depth Bible study each Sunday. Support and encouragement through prayer and fellowship opportunities are characteristic of our class.

What We Study on Sunday Mornings 
Our class studies a variety of topics and books of the Bible. When we finish one study, our teacher asks for input from the class, and then prayerfully decides what we will study next.

Outside of Class
Our class fellowships are a wonderful time to gather in an informal setting. We enjoy monthly Sunday lunches at a local restaurant, we periodically have potlucks or Saturday brunch time at a class members home, and on occasion enjoy the Brandon Opry or a play at the community theatre. Come join us. You'll love the fellowship! We also participate in several mission opportunities throughout the year. We sometimes choose our own projects or we plug into a project that is being presented by one of the other ministries in the church. Examples of projects: Stewpot Ministries, Buried Treasures, etc.

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