Preschool Sunday School @ 10:30 am

Preschool Sunday School @ 10:30 am

Next Meeting:
Sunday, Sep 7
10:30am - 11:30am
Meeting Frequency:
Every Sunday, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Join Discovery Trails on Sunday Mornings--a place for preschoolers to learn about Jesus and His love for them!

Preschool Rooms and Leaders

Bear Cubs (Infants): Susan & Mark McConnell, Nancy Swales, Barbara Shelton

Chipmunks (Infants): VIPs (Volunteers)

Raccoon (Infants): VIPs (Volunteers)

Bluejay (Creepers): Stephen Dilatush

Mockingbirds: (Toddlers): VIPs (Volunteers)

Squirrels (Ones): Bill McCool, Courtney Williams

Geckos (Twos): VIPs (Volunteers)

Dragonfly (Twos): Chris Ethridge, Meagan Gautier, Evie Hudgins

Woodpeckers (Twos): VIPs (Volunteers)

Bumblebee (Little Angels/Special Needs)

Beaver Way (Threes): VIPs (Volunteers)

Frog Hollow (Threes): VIPs (Volunteers)

Eagles (Fours): Mary Jane Primos and Patsy Marsh

Hummingbirds (Fours): VIPs (Volunteers)

Fox Trail (Kindergarten): VIPs (Volunteers)

Rabbit Run (Kindergarten): VIPs (Volunteers)

Desks: Donna May, Neil Davidson, Mark May, Gene Newman, Brooke Meeks 


Kandy Mason
Preschool Staff
Kandy Mason | Preschool Minister | 601-949-1911 |
Connie Foreman | Ministry Asst, Preschool | 601-949-1995 |
Michelle Sansing | Weekday Children's Director | 601-949-1997 |
Misty Cowart | Ministry Asst, Preschool Director | Grace Crossing | 601-427-0163 |