Preschool Sunday School @ 9:00 am

Preschool Sunday School @ 9:00 am

Next Meeting:
Sunday, Oct 30
9:00am - 10:00am
Meeting Frequency:
Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Preschoolers have an exciting place to be on Sunday Mornings at First Baptist Jackson.

Join us for “Treasure Time” in Discovery Trails, a fun and entertaining large group worship experience with puppets, praise songs and Bible stories. Then, following "Treasure Time", preschoolers move to their small group rooms, led by caring adults who continue the day's teaching theme.  

Preschool Rooms and Leaders 

Bear Cubs (Infants): Lisa & Robert George,   Denise & David McNemar, Dianne Eubanks, Bobby Barefield 

Chipmunks (Infants): Debra Hastings, Sharon Guild, Don & Nema Donovan 

Raccoons (Infants): Margaret Waller, Sandy Brooks, Bill McCool 

Bluejays (Creepers): Jennifer & James bell, Deanna Burgess 

Mockingbird (Toddlers): Ilar & Brooke Meeks, Melanie Hataway, Caroline Hunter 

Squirrel (Ones+): Joe & Clara lewis, Emily Potter and Lisa Potter 

Geckos (Twos): Wendell & Lynn Garrett, Jan Francis, Elisabeth Byrd 

Dragonfly (Twos):  Beth Hardy, Adrienne Brown,  Stephanie Holbrook 

Woodpeckers (Twos):  Dottie Paul,  Courtney Williams, Elisabeth Byrd, Mary Morgan  Thomas 

Bumblebee (Little Angels/Special Needs): Emylee Jones,  Marty McKee 

Beaver Way (Threes): Mary Jane Primos / Patsy Marsh 

Frog Hollow (Threes):  Mike Harris, Gean Claire Belknap, Michael Ford, Renee Miles 

Eagles (Fours): Susan Fortenberry, Elizabeth Rich,  Vicki Stebbins,  Simona Bailey 

Hummingbirds (Fours): Kate & Kiley Moody 

Fox Trail (Kindergarten):  Wendy & Kelly Thurman

Rabbit Run (Kindergarten): Jerra & Bradley Weathersby, Natalie & Tommy Weathersby 

Puppet Team: Laurel Ditto, Sarah Tracy, Dawn Jones, Dana Bush, Royal Catchings, Laurie Smith, Eli Herrington  

Desks: Brian Fortenberry, Tamah White,  Thomas Wiley, Stephanie Holbrook, Sam Watson, Erin Johnston, Harper & David Jones 

Extended Session (10:30 am) Preschool Rooms and Leaders

Bear Cubs (Infants): Mark & Susan McConnell, Nancy Swales, Barbara Shelton

Chipmunks (Infants): VIPs (Volunteers)

Raccoon (Infants): VIPs (Volunteers)

Bluejay (Creepers): VIPs (Volunteers)

Mockingbirds: (Toddlers): VIPs (Volunteers) 

Squirrels (Ones): VIPs (Volunteers)

Geckos (Twos): VIPs (Volunteers)

Dragonfly (Twos): VIPs (Volunteers)

Woodpeckers (Twos): VIPs (Volunteers)

Bumblebee (Little Angels/Special Needs): VIP’s (Volunteers)

Beaver Way (Threes): VIPs (Volunteers)

Frog Hollow (Threes): VIPs (Volunteers)

Eagles (Fours): VIP’s (Volunteers)

Hummingbirds (Fours): VIPs (Volunteers)

Fox Trail (Kindergarten): VIPs (Volunteers)

Rabbit Run (Kindergarten): VIPs (Volunteers)

Desks: Culpepper, Eubank, Newman, McDill


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