First Jackson Students @ 9:00 am

First Jackson Students @ 9:00 am

Next Meeting:
Sunday, Jul 31
9:00am - 10:00am
Meeting Frequency:
Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

We want to engage the Students in the Jackson area with the greatness of who God is through encouraging community, engaging worship, and exposure to the depth of God's word. Through the ministry of First Jackson Students we want students to:

  • Come and See what community looks like,
  • Come and Grow into a deeper understanding of faith, and
  • Come and Serve through opportunities of leadership in our church and this community.
Grades 7-12

7th-8th Grade 

  • Master Teachers: Lisa Hudson, Ken Sims
  • 7th Grade Girl Teachers – Brittnye Aven, Trisha Switzer
  • 7th Grade Boy Teachers – Ross Aven, Matt Hetzel, Eddy Waller
  • 8th Grade Girl Teachers – Elizabeth Cochran, Susan Hetzel, Heather Statham
  • 8th Grade Boy Teachers – David Hancock, Chris Lamb, Brad Switzer

9th - 10th Grade

  • Master Teachers: Reta Haire, Art Stevens
  • 9th Grade Girl Teachers – Sandra Gobbel, Melissa Hederman, Emily Nunn, Amanda Slack
  • 9th Grade Boy Teachers – Jeff Altman, Mark Rich, Greg Vance
  • 10th Grade Girl Teachers – Paige Shappley, Becky Stevens, Jennifer Altman
  • 10th Grade Boy Teachers – Ken Guthrie, Mitch McCoy, Brad Moreman


  • Master Teachers: Adair Blackledge, Peg Guthrie, Johnny Jones, Kimberly Reedy, Sherri Russell
  • 11th Grade Girl Teachers – Stephanie Baine, Gina Moreman, Tammy Pearson
  • 11th Grade Boy Teachers – Bob Burford, Guy Reedy, Scott Shappley
  • 12th Grade Girl Teachers – Kathy Dowdy, Leslie Hancock, Martha Jo Vance
  • 12th  Grade Boy Teachers – Graham Calvert, Mark Haire, Randal Russell
Grades 7-12 ( * Formerly 10:30am Classes)

Master Teachers

Joy Woods, Doug Parkin, Patsy Parkin

Students Staff
Cathy Jeffcoats | Minister of Education & Discipleship | 601-949-1941 |
Sharon Wu | Ministry Asst, Students | 601-949-1905 |