First Jackson Students @ 9:00 am

First Jackson Students @ 9:00 am

Next Meeting:
Sunday, Sep 25
9:00am - 10:00am
Meeting Frequency:
Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Engaging Students in the Jackson area with the greatness of who God is through community, worship, and exposure to the depth of God's Word. 

Leadership for Grades 7-12
  • Student Pastor - David Doyle |
  • Ministry Assistant - Sharon Wu |
  • Intern - Candler Gregory |

7th-9th Grade 

  • 7th Grade Girl Leaders – Gingi Gautier, Lisa Hudson, Reta Haire
  • 7th Grade Boy Leaders – Mark Haire, Brandt McCool, Eddy Waller
  • 8th Grade Girl Leaders – Stephanie Baine, Peg Guthrie, Patsy Parkin
  • 8th Grade Boy Leaders – Doug Parkin, Ken Sims
  • 9th Grade Girl Leaders – Jennifer Altman, Melissa Hederman, Shani Meck
  • 9th Grade Boy Leaders – David Hancock, Chris Lamb


  • Master Teachers: Adair Blackledge, Johnny Jones, Sherri Russell
  • 10th Grade Girl Leaders – Jennifer Buchana, Sandra Gobbel, Kimberly Reedy, Amanda Slack
  • 10th Grade Boy Leaders – Jeff Altman, Mark Rich, Michael Nichols
  • 11th Grade Girl Leaders – Leslie Hancock, Paige Shappley, Becky Stevens, Martha Jo Vance
  • 11th Grade Boy Leaders – Brad Moreman, Ken Guthrie, Art Stevens
  • 12th Grade Girl Leaders – Kathy Dowdy, Jean Jones, Gina Moreman, Tammy Pearson
  • 12th  Grade Boy Leaders – Guy Reedy, Scott Shappley, Randy Russell


  • Cyndi Eubank, David Gobbel, Bae Waller


Contact Students Staff to Learn More about this or any Group
David Doyle | Student Pastor | 601-949-1909 |
Sharon Wu | Ministry Asst, Students | 601-949-1905 |