Spiritual Gifts Survey

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

The Spiritual Gifts Survey is a tool to assist you in defining your strengths in the area of ministry, as well as temperament or personality. The results are designed to identify more clearly your particular strengths and gifts, and therefore have a clearer vision for what part God would have you play in the body of Christ at First Baptist Jackson.

>> Instructions and Background

Be honest and open when evaluating yourself and take into consideration that while we should all have certain good qualities as Christians, there are differences in motives and in ways of expressing the unique character that God has given each one of us.

As a member of the body of Christ, you are very crucial to the overall health and strength of the body. We will only function as effectively as God intended if each member is doing their part. That is why we have a strong conviction that each member have a place of ministry, and we hope this test will give you information that will be helpful in finding that place of service that God intends for you to have within our body.

This evaluation is designed to identify your strengths as specifically relating to ministry and service in the local church. Its primary purpose is to enable you to pinpoint areas of ministry for which you are most likely gifted. It is not designed to be an exhaustive analysis of spiritual gifts, but rather to highlight areas of strength based on what you feel motivates you spiritually.

Keep in mind when you score yourself that most of these are desirable traits for a Christian to have, and giving yourself a 0 or 1 on a particular trait does not mean that you are unspiritual, but rather that it is not a primary motivating factor for you as an individual.

Also, keep in mind that the you will not be looking at your individual answers to particular questions, but rather using the overall information to highlight areas in which you are especially gifted and motivated. Once your primary areas of ministry strength are identified, you can then use this information to identify specific service opportunities which may be of interest to you.

Survey Questions

1. I like to organize and plan.

2. I want to spend time with unbelievers so I can share my faith.

3. I enjoy being asked to share my advice or being an encouragement to others.

4. It is important to me that money I give to the church is used as effectively as possible.

5. I am more strongly motivated by the idea of meeting a need rather than performing a task.

6. I enjoy using my home to minister to others.

7. I can easily get others to complete a ministry project.

8. Those who are in distress or elated seem drawn to me.

9. I seem to be able to notice sin before others are aware of it.

10. Routine work for church that others find tedious is enjoyable for me.

11. I have a burden to disciple others so that they can help one another.

12. I am able to instruct others in the exact meaning of words and passages in Scripture.

13. I finish projects and make decisions with great speed.

14. I feel that the most important task given to Christians is witnessing

15. I give practical, step-by-step advice to those in need.

16. I watch my finances closely so that I can give freely to God’s work

17. I prefer to be led by others.

18.Guests say they feel comfortable in my home.

19. Often groups in which I am involved look to me to lead them.

20. I enjoy doing kind deeds for people who are unable or will not return them.

21. I am compelled to unmask sin to other people.

22. I enjoy doing repetitive tasks for the glory of God.

23. I feel the need to protect those whom I disciple from enemies of Christ.

24. I have the ability to make difficult passages understandable.

25. I enjoy setting goals and then making plans to meet those goals.

26. I feel an urgency that a decision for Christ be made when I witness to someone.

27. I am more interested in studying passages of scripture with practical applications than deep theological truth.

28. It is fun for me to give freely because I love God.

29. I rapidly meet the need of others for help.

30. I have the ability to make strangers feel at ease.

31. I have the ability to make decisions rapidly and stand by them.

32. I like encouraging those in hospitals and homes for the aged by visiting them.

33. I boldly tell others about evils in our government and other worldly systems.

34. I like being asked to do jobs at church.

35. I deny myself in order to be there for weakor new Christians.

36. Others have expressed to me that I have assisted them in learning Biblical truth in a meaningful way.

37. I volunteer to organize others when I sense a lack of organization.

38. I am drawn to unbelievers because I want to win them to Christ.

39. Teaching that can’t be applied bothers me.

40. I am willing to do without in order to give money for God’s kingdom.

41. I enjoy helping those in leadership by completing some of their smaller tasks so that they can minister.

42. I enjoy giving food and lodging to those who need it.

43. I adapt my guidance easily to fit the maturity level of those working for me.

44. I want to be a comfort to Christians who are sick or in the midst of a distress.

45. I enjoy being used by God to teach and caution large groups of believers.

46. I like projects which require a hands-on approach.

47. I care more about relationships than tasks.

48. I enjoy spending a lot of time studying the Bible so I can share these truths with others.

49. I thrive on organizing people, ideas, and resources to improve the efficiency of a ministry.

50. I have an overwhelming desire to share withunbelievers.

51. I like assisting others in resolving difficult questions in their lives.

52. I notice when others have a material or financial need.

53. I find contentment in helping someone who can use my abilities.

54. I like having people visit my home.

55. If a group doesn’t have a leader, I will lead it.

56. I like doing special things for people who are sick or having difficulties.

57. I desire for the audience to be convicted after I proclaim God’s Word.

58. I consider myself a task-oriented person.

59. I like being given the job of discipling a group of believers.

60. I find contentment studying God’s Word and communicating my understanding to others.

61. I have put into place effective plans to meet group goals.

62. I enjoy meeting non-Christians, even total strangers.

63. I enjoy assisting others in the midst of problems by giving them practical advice.

64. I trust that God will meet all my needs so that I can give sacrificially a portion of all my income.

65. I like helping others strictly for the need I feel I meet, not because I expect something in return.

66. I enjoy welcoming guests and making them feel comfortable and involved.

67. I have the ability to help groups of all sizes in making decisions.

68. I am greatly concerned with being a comfort to others.

69. I want my instructing to cause others to see what God is saying and to respond.

70. I prefer following rather than leading.

71. I desire to care for the spiritual well-being of a group of Christians over an extended time.

72. I prefer to compile my own material, instead of using another teachers’ material for a presentation.

Spiritual Gifts Results