Discipleship Tools

We seek to help every guest and member of First Baptist Jackson become more like Christ. This transformation process, called discipleship, is the lifelong journey of every believer and the focal point of a healthy church.

Here you will find tools to help you develop into the mature, effective, ministry-minded Christ follower you are called to be.

Small Group Finder

Christ called us to walk with other believers on our journey toward Him. At First Baptist Jackson, opportunities abound to engage in small groups that enable encouraging relationships and build biblical community.

Latest Scripture Memory Verse

Scripture is the light for our discipleship path (Psalm 110:105). Join us in memorizing Scripture so we can make sure this vital tool for the journey is always with us.

Prayer Tools

Prayer connects us to the Lord and opens the door for Him to change our hearts, state, nation, and world. Offer a prayer and connect prayer resources around the globe.

Bible Reading Plans

Reading the inspired Word of God is key to learning about Him and fellowshipping with Him. Let one of these plans guide you on your Scripture reading journey and help you know where to turn next.

Spiritual Gifts Survey

The Holy Spirit gifts each believer in unique ways, and the Lord calls us to use these gifts to serve in His church and the world. We only function effectively as a church when each member is doing his or her part. Take this survey to learn how you are gifted to serve.