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D.T.R. (Define The Relationship)

Scripture passage: Joshua 24:14-15 

“Are you a follower of Jesus” is the overarching question of the chapter. Kyle wants the readers to diagnose their own relationship with Christ. For the one who believes they are a follower, he wants to challenge them to look deeper in to their relationship with Christ in order to make sure they really understand what that means. For the one who is not a follower or doesn’t even care to answer the question, he wants to make them stop and think for a second about the weight of the question and its validity. To those who don’t care to answer Kyle asks, “What if? Would you pause for a moment and ask yourself, What if all of life comes down to this one question? What if there really is a heaven and there really is a hell, and where I spend eternity comes down to this one question? It may seem completely ridiculous, but if there is some part of you that considers this a minute possibility, then isn’t it worth thinking through that question?”

Kyle wants the believer and the nonbeliever to evaluate their relationship with God by asking them to have a D.T.R. talk with God. Kyle turns his readers attention to the crux of the book, there are a number of people who call themselves followers of God when they really are not. A better word to describe this group of people would be to call them fans of God. Here is the most basic definition of a fan: “an enthusiastic admirer.” We have to understand what a follower of God really looks like in order to be able to accurately answer this question. Kyle wants the reader to understand that we cannot compare ourselves to each other in order to see “how we are doing” as Christians. Instead, we have to look at God’s word and see what He calls a true follower of Him. The next few weeks will be spent discussing the signs of “fandom” and how we can make sure that we are followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Quotes worth thinking about:

  • Is your relationship with Jesus exclusive? Is it just a casual weekend thing or has it moved past that? How would your relationship with him be defined? What exactly is your level of commitment?
  • I think that Jesus has a lot of fans these days. Fans who cheer for him when practice is rewarded with wins but who walk away when life is hard and they never seem to get the “W.” Fans who sit safely in the stands cheering, but they know nothing of the sacrifice and pain of the field. Fans of Jesus who know all about him, but they don’t know him.
  • But Jesus was never interested in having fans. Just being an “enthusiastic admirer” of God is not an option in His mind.
  • The biggest threat to the church today is fans who call themselves Christians but aren’t actually interested in following Christ. They want to be close enough to Jesus to get all the benefits, but not so close that it requires anything from them. 

Discussion questions:

  1. Have you ever had a “DTR” talk with someone?
  2. Kyle asks if we have ever had a DTR talk with Jesus. Why would we need to have this talk with Him?
  3. If you’re in a relationship with someone, do you want others to know about it? Do you think the same should be true about your relationship with God?
  4. Do you compare yourself to others in order to see if you’re a “good” Christian or not?
  5. Why should we not compare ourselves to those around us when it comes to our relationship with God?
  6. Why do we like to compare ourselves to people who are not “good” Christians?
  7. Does the “fan” or “follower” terminology make sense to you?
  8. What is the difference between a fan and a follower of Jesus? 

Personal Reflection:

  1. Have you ever had a DTR talk with God?
  2. If you had to evaluate your relationship with God, would you say you’re a fan or a follower?
  3. Will you make Wed. night bible study a priority, and do your best to see this study through to completion? 

Kyle wants to take the reader through a journey. This journey is not an easy one, but it is one that has changed my (Merrick) life and we are hoping it will do the same for you as well. To those who are followers of Christ, we pray that your faith will be strengthened. To those who discover that they are fans, we pray that you will choose to follow Christ through the truth of God’s word in this study. To those who do not care or would rather not make this decision now, we pray that you will understand the reasons why you should and that you will come to faith in Christ. We are praying for each of you, and we can’t wait to study about how to be completely committed followers of Christ alongside you. 

Posted by Merrick Nunn

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