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MEN - Pocket Squares

Thanks for your part in making “dress rehearsal” go well by getting your tuxes picked up and ready to go. I want all of us to use the the Square Fold | Presidential Fold for the pocket squares. 

Here's a video that will help in getting it done - or written out instructions are below.

1.     Begin with the square fully unfolded and flat.

2.     Fold the square to the width of your jacket pocket. In most cases, straight down the middle should do it.

3.     Fold up from the bottom to form a finished rectangle the same width as your pocket, and about half an inch longer.

4.     Tuck the folded-up bottom edge into your jacket pocket and snug it down to the base. Adjust as needed to create a single smooth strip of visible cloth running across the top of the pocket. Note that some of you will need to clip the threads to open up the pocket. Use a small pair of sharp pointed scissors to clip a few threads to get this started and the pocket should open on up.

There should be no visible overlap between edges of the square in this fold. Everything should look like a single, solid piece. It appears as a single horizontal band of fabric (no more than ¼ inch) parallel to the top of the breast pocket.

Also, if you can iron/put a crease before tonight - would be great.  If not, iron before the Saturday concert. 

Thanks for taking the time to help with this. As a reminder, because we are wearing vests, the tux jacket will remain open. Be sure your tie is straight;  and that you are wearing the regular collared tux shirt NOT the wingtip collar.  

Looking forward to tonight.   


Carols Updates for 12/7/2016 (THINGS TO KNOW FOR DRESS REHEARSAL)

1. PHONES – OFF/STUN and prefer they be anywhere but the choir loft! DOUBLE CHECK – we had ringing last night.


3. Angle in – everyone!! Center is pretty good. Wings –not good at all – will be very noticeable with outfits on. Hands at side. Toe on the brown wood of your forward foot. Guys in center – just a little closer to center when your row joins you. Spread to the rails. Space out to overcome gaps from coming and goings.

4. When sit – have to make room for everyone. We have 285 scheduled to sing tonight (there were 245 last night by way of comparison).

5. TOP ROW (Groups 1&2) – entrance at right time but SLOW DOWN. Guys are running away from the ladies. Journey not a race.

6. Groups 5&6 (S.T. and Brad) – same deal – take measured steps during the opening verse. Note I will not be yelling GO tonight so when Tim cuts off overture and LLG lifts arm for downbeat – step off – not run off!!

7. Ladies on PCF3/OCF3 – if you see a vacant stool, then move up and fill it. 
a. Kim Chambers – Nicole Hardeman will leave at the end of Silent Night – please slip up and take her stool for Christ Is Born and then take it off after Christ Is Born and go with ReeRee’s Group out and up top to come back in. You will go to the inner aisle instead of to the outer aisle.
b. TONIGHT ONLY – Rebecca Yarborough Chaney – take place of Camille Bolen in Group 9. You will process from nosebleed with Martha Benjaminand Emily Agent's groups.

8. Nativity folks leave AFTER CHRIST IS BORN – exceptions are Nick and Nicole Hardeman – they have more to get done (costume, makeup, sound, dealing with baby).  Nick-Nicole Hardeman leave at end of SILENT NIGHT (Rutter).
a. RETURN ONLY DURING VERSE 1 for “I Lift My Eyes” – Emily McDill Jackson solo.  
b. ALL MUST RETURN. Go to your original spot. Same for soloists – must return.


10. MUST.BE.STILL.BEHIND.NATIVITY. Had people scratching noses, shuffling, etc. Except for lighting/passing candle and singing – do not move. 

a. Sit after “Christ Is Born” – this is when ladies on floor center exit out with stools or up the inner aisles as assigned. RISERS 1-4 must divide – which means everyone will be tightly together for the Nativity. MUST BE VERY STILL BEHIND NATIVITY SET.
b. Cille will stand you for “I Life My Eyes” about measure 24.
c. Raise candles up when Nativity Cast bows – candles stay up until lights go out and then you blow them out and Cille will seat you. You come back together. 
d. Stand on downbeat of “Mary Did You Know”. LLG should stand you.
e. You will come back together and be seated after “Mary, Did You Know?” LLG should seat you.
f. Stand during “Love Came for Me” – measure 18 on 2nd verse just before 2nd ending and the ooh’s) - LLG should stand you.
g. Sit as Pastor comes to place. LLG should seat you.
h. After the Pastor prays and as “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” starts, stand, and floor rows come back to place and Nativity cast returns. JUST DO IT.

12. NEVER EVER walk on top of the Pastor speaking or praying.

13. JIB ALERT – PIANO SIDE AISLE – You cannot miss the boom but be careful navigating around base. Don Warren (operator) does a great job with this so he will be watching for you.

14. Photo tonight IMMEDIATELY after concert. Stay put except ladies need to get stools back in place for photo. After photo also stay put because the tech crew is capturing “B roll” footage. Please no one leave – this will foul up the spacing.

CALL TIMES – DRESSED, SEATED or I AM HERE SIGN (PRESERVICE) by 6PM for 7PM concerts and 2PM for 3PM concerts. If you are in PRESERVICE – your call times will be earlier so pay attention to your directors!

TRAFFIC WILL BE AN ISSUE FRIDAY (Just because it is Friday) and SATURDAY (Christmas Parade). You must park behind the CLC. You should target being parked and on your way into the building by 5:30 or 1:30. Just saying!

Devotional at 2:10 and 6:10! Prayer circles at line up points. NO ONE HANGING OUT IN THE SANCTUARY.

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