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Supplies for Pine Belt Tornado Victims

The Worship Choir and Orchestra is collecting supplies for tornado victims in the Pine Belt Region.  I will be making a trip on Thursday with a load. We will be dropping off at Hillcrest Dorm at USM which is housing some of the WCU students. 

We will not be collecting clothes - that is being handled at only certain locations. However, if you want to donate canned food, bottled water, Gatorade, cleaning supplies, TWIN sheets for some of the college kids who lost everything, personal hygiene items, school supplies, diapers, work gloves, please do. The entire list of needs is linked below.

You will need to bring these WEDNESDAY night, January 25 to choir and orchestra practice and leave them up against the wall behind LLG's platform. If you get your donations there by 10AM Thursday, I can still add them to the load and take them.

Look forward to making this delivery on your behalf!

Cille McHenry Litchfield


Posted by Cille Litchfield

MEN - Pocket Squares

Thanks for your part in making “dress rehearsal” go well by getting your tuxes picked up and ready to go. I want all of us to use the the Square Fold | Presidential Fold for the pocket squares. 

Here's a video that will help in getting it done - or written out instructions are below.

1.     Begin with the square fully unfolded and flat.

2.     Fold the square to the width of your jacket pocket. In most cases, straight down the middle should do it.

3.     Fold up from the bottom to form a finished rectangle the same width as your pocket, and about half an inch longer.

4.     Tuck the folded-up bottom edge into your jacket pocket and snug it down to the base. Adjust as needed to create a single smooth strip of visible cloth running across the top of the pocket. Note that some of you will need to clip the threads to open up the pocket. Use a small pair of sharp pointed scissors to clip a few threads to get this started and the pocket should open on up.

There should be no visible overlap between edges of the square in this fold. Everything should look like a single, solid piece. It appears as a single horizontal band of fabric (no more than ¼ inch) parallel to the top of the breast pocket.

Also, if you can iron/put a crease before tonight - would be great.  If not, iron before the Saturday concert. 

Thanks for taking the time to help with this. As a reminder, because we are wearing vests, the tux jacket will remain open. Be sure your tie is straight;  and that you are wearing the regular collared tux shirt NOT the wingtip collar.  

Looking forward to tonight.   


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