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Tuxedo Reminder

Guys - A Message from Ken Sims!

Time is running out to take care of your tuxedo business at Tuxedo Junction. Deadline is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30th! 

There are three stores in the metro area - NorthPark, MetroCenter, Flowood Drive (which is NOT open on Sunday).

You must have your tux for Dress Rehearsal. You pay the store where you pick it up.

Contact Ken Sims if you have questions.  or (601) 594-7117.

Posted by Cille Litchfield
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Reminders for Upcoming Carols Rehearsals!

Don't forget we have our first processional positioning rehearsal tomorrow night.  We will begin promptly at 6PM. Remember this rehearsal is the one we call "Wednesday on Tuesday". Dress comfortably. 


A few reminders:

  1. Nothing in the choir loft - Ladies please leave purses at home or locked in the car or placed on a front pew.  We do not use the purse lockers during Carols.
  2. All - no music in the choir loft.
  3. Fragrances. Enough said (as in - please do not wear any). 
  4. If you or your family have flu, stomach bug, any sort of virus - stay home.  We have two choir members participating in Carols who are taking chemotherapy and out of respect from them and their suppressed immune systems - just stay home. The rest of us simply do not want to be sick! Personal space is at a premium during Carols so please please stay home if sick (and report out!!).
  5. When we recess from the choir loft, you must carry out anything you bring in (handbells, candles) so we don't play kickball with those items.
  6. Help the new folks - we have 45 Carols 1st timers. We all were 1st timers once too.
  7. Sometimes you have to listen fast. And things do change. Your attention and flexibility are appreciated.


Looking forward to tomorrow night. Thankful for each of you.



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