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Carols Assist! Candle Cleaning Time!

It's that time! Carols 2016 - Why? - kicks off Wednesday, August 31 at 6PM in the Choir Room.  As we kick off there are prep things that need to be done now to get them out of the way.  One of those things is to clean the votive candle holders. (Special thanks to Elton White who has already started working on this project and to Betty Stevens for many many candles cleaned over the years!)

If you can assist with this, please see me before or after choir and I will get you a box or two (or if you already know where they are stored, just go get them yourself).

Candle Cleaning Instructions

  1. Place a brown paper bag on a cookie sheet.
  2. Remove and discard loose wax/candles.
  3. Invert glass votives onto paper bag.
  4. Put cookie sheet of votives into warm (about 150 degrees F) oven.
  5. When votives warm up just a little, candles and wax should begin to drop out.
  6. Remove and discard wax/candles.
  7. Run “waxless” votives through the dishwasher or simply wipe them completely clean.
  8. Count them.
  9. Tape a sign with your name and the count to the box of clean votives.
  10. Return them to the candle storage area (down under the choir room) before December 1. This is a closet in the storage in the Music Library area. Ask Cille or Elton White or Emily Agent or Laura Lundquist or Joanie Thompson for directions.
  11. A million thanks!!

 We also need to check the lighters we use to light the candles and toss those that no longer work or are damaged in any way.  There are a couple of boxes of those in the same closet.

“Flame Thrower” Instructions

  1. Check the lighter to be sure it works. If it does not, throw it away!
  2. Put the working ones back in the box.
  3. Count the working ones and write the number on the box.
  4. THANKS!

School Supplies for Flood Victims

The supplies we collected last week and sent to Louisiana have been greatly appreciated! Thank you to all who shared and showed the love of Jesus with your donations. We have another opportunity to help our neighbors, as the Preschool, Children’s, and Worship ministries at First Baptist Church Jackson will be collecting school supplies for some of the Louisiana schools that lost everything in the flood. We will collect items beginning tonight, Wednesday, August 24th through Sunday, September 4th. We will have drop off points in the preschool, children’s and worship (choir room) areas.

Supplies Needed Include: 
Three subject notebooks
Black marble composition notebooks
Wide-rule notebook paper
School scissors
White Elmer’s glue
Construction paper
Ink pens
Pocket folders
Book bags

Posted by Sarah Lee

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