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Carols Info - Tux Info

GUYS - You need to get fitted for your TUX. Here are the details.

Tuxedos are rented from Tuxedo Junction. Pay specific attention to instructions regarding shirt type, vest, tie. You may be able to wear your personal tux but not guaranteed. Ask Ken Sims if you have a question about that.


You pay Tuxedo Junction! 

o You need a pinpoint collared shirt, vest, and bow tie just like last year. The cost to rent all three items is $20 plus tax. If you do not have the correct shirt, you will not be able to sing.

o If you need to rent the above items AND a complete tux, the cost is $55 plus tax.

o The shirt, vest, and tie are available for purchase. Shirt and vest are $30 plus tax each. The tie is $9 plus tax.

o Tuxedo Junction has three locations: Northpark, Metrocenter, and on Lakeland Drive.

o You are responsible to pick up your items at the location where you placed your order on the Wednesday of Dress Rehearsal (December 7) and return them on the Monday after Carols (December 12). Do not ask the Music Office to handle this as they cannot.

o Other questions may be directed to Ken Sims at (601) 594-7117 or  

o BLACK shoes and BLACK socks. Black tennis shoes are fine but please wear black socks!


Carols Rehearsal This Sunday September 25

Good Afternoon,

  • Carols By Candlelight rehearsal this Sunday, September 25
  • Rehearsal 1:00-3:00PM (Lunch on your own.)
  • CDs & Folders: We will have listening CDs available for $1 and will begin folder check-out. Refundable Folder Deposit: $20
  • Parents: We will not have childcare this Sunday afternoon. We did not have 6 children sign up.
  • Carols Info. Needed: Please click on the link below to let us know which (if not all) performances you will sing as well as a few other needed details for placement in the loft.

    PS...The scheduling request for A Night with the Gettys went out last night after choir. If you have not already, please take a moment to read over the email and respond. 


Sarah Lee

Posted by Sarah Lee

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