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Additional Notes for Carols' Weekend! 12/12/2014

Program Notes

On the processional ("Sussex Carols"), please hold your head up and look forward.  Your candles all need to be help up so that light reflects off your face.

At the end of the "Procession of the Kings", we will leave candles up until Nativity cast bring theirs down.  They have a cue and we will follow them. Watch CILLE!


Parking and Building Access

Everyone is asked to part in the lot across the street from the east side of the CLC (note - NOT the CLC lot and NOT the garage).  There should be shuttles or just walk the two blocks to the COLLEGE STREET ENTRANCE (side of church closest to the Choir Room). This is the ONLY way you can get in.

Tomorrow, you are asked to bring finger foods to share.  There will be carts where you place your goodies (disposal containers only) to be taken down for you (A CHANGE FROM EARLIER YEARS). These will be in the hallway inside the College Street entrance.



Don't forget your assigned duties as Outreach Greeters, Clean Up, Program Collectors and Re-stuffers.


See you tonight. Claiming this verse for each of you today: For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and still ministering to the saints. Hebrews 6:10 NASB 


Carols Notes for 12/12 - Friday Concert

Call Time

5:30 PM - in the building; enter from College Street through the designated door; park in the West Lot (across street behind CLC); carpool where possible

6:00 PM - Seated and ready to go; Eva will work music. If in pre-service or if you are a Host you need to have an "I Am Here" sign. Devotion and prayer approximately 30 minutes before we leave the choir room.

Reminder - folks who enter from the Nosebleed or President Street foyer, you will have to go AROUND the church to get to your positions rather than through the Sanctuary. Also, please be quiet and keep clear of late arrivers!!!!

High School Girls in Nativity Cast

Your Nativity costumes have been moved to the Music Library.  You need to check the location of these before coming to the choir room. This gives you more time to change and get in place.  If you miss your start point, merge from the atriums but you should have time.

Ladies on Stools

After "Christ is Born", stand up, back up toward the choir loft risers quickly keeping clear of the steps in the loft (and getting out of the way of the Stage Crew). Nativity Cast gets the right of way - once they pass then get your stools off stage. Please place ALL of them (on your side) in one place out of the way.


Your jackets are UNBUTTONED. Your ties need to be straight. Your pocket shares need to be square.  Please check each other to make sure everyone is looking sharp.


After "Christ Is Born" - watch Cille - center of loft on floor; up at end of Luke 2 narration (again, Cille)

After  "Procession of the Kings" - once Nativity flats are clear, move back to center and be seated all while singing "Away In A Manger" (Cille)

STAND after narration on Lazarus - Cille will be BEHIND ORGAN - likely waving her arms - Stand on her cue. Sit after "Just One Touch".

STAND after narration where Pilate hands Jesus over for crucifixion. Cille is still behind the organ and will cue you. Remain standing through "I Believe". Patsy Parkin (center choir loft) will sit and you follow her.

Remain seated for LLG's remarks.

On downbeat of "End of the Beginning", stand. Ladies return to floor.


Weakest points are the music in the Nativity. There will be no director but LLG. Folks in center of the loft angle to outside and watch wing folks. Folks in the wings, you must follow Lavon! 

Please take time to listen to the CD tomorrow and sharpen your knowledge of these numbers: "Mary's Boy Child", "Silent Night" (Please do not spread!), "Procession of the Kings", and "Were It Not for Grace" (lots of snakes on releases - you are not watching and there is no manger in front at this point!)

Hint for Bright Lights

Anticipate lights coming up on the choir. Blink to get your eyes open so you are not squinting when they come up.

Finally (and most important)

Continue to pray. Express through your face your personal relationship with Jesus. 

See you tomorrow.



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