Student Worship Arts

Student Worship Arts

Student Worship Arts has taken on a new look, with multiple interest tracks covering all aspects of worship. Join us Sundays at 4:30 p.m. on the 4th floor as we kick off the year.

 The tracks and leadership for Student Worship Arts are:

  • Team Leader: Nick Hardeman
  • Assistant Coordinators: Tim Walker, Sarah Walker
  • Vocal Teams: Eva Hart, Meredith Warf
  • Worship Band: David Holmes, Allison Talley
  • Tech: Damon Burgess

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Dr. L. Lavon Gray photo

Dr. L. Lavon Gray

Lead Worship Pastor
Eva Hart photo

Eva Hart

Music Assistant/Pianist
Nick Hardeman photo

Nick Hardeman

Associate Worship Pastor – Student Worship Arts
Tim Walker photo

Tim Walker

Associate Worship Pastor - Instrumental
Full Staff