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Experience First!...The Starting Point

Experience First! is an informal Q&A and breakfast time to learn more about the church, regardless of how long you have attended.   This class teaches new and prospective members the purpose and mission of First Baptist to help you discover your place of ministry.  Members learn what they should expect of their new family of faith and understand the church’s expectation of them. 

Check the schedule below for upcoming sessions, coordinated by Bruce Warf.

Ways to Become a Member

1. Trusting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and following Him in believer’s baptism 
2. Moving your membership from another Baptist church 
3. Moving your membership from another evangelical church that practices believer’s baptism 
4. Affirming your commitment to Christ and participating in believer’s baptism by immersion

A designated time to receive new members is always held at the end of each worship service, but that is not the only way.  We invite you to speak to any staff member if you have questions. 

>> What is Believer’s Baptism?

Believer’s Baptism is immersion in water in submission to the authority of Jesus Christ. It is an act of obedience which commits one to a life of obedience. Believer’s Baptism SYMBOLIZES the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and SYMBOLIZES the new birth by which one becomes a new creature in Christ (John 3:1-4: 2 Corinthians 5:17).

>> When and Where is Baptism Conducted?

With a few exceptions, baptism can be scheduled any Sunday during any of the morning or evening worship services.   Baptisms can also be scheduled in Fellowship Hall East during The Link on Sunday mornings or during Wednesday night Prayer Service.  We are happy to discuss any questions you have.

Baptisms are scheduled with the Membership Office by calling 601-714-6925. 


Upcoming Classes for New and Prospective Members
Upcoming Service Opportunities

Questions about Joining?  Contact our Staff
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Bruce Warf

Family Pastor