How and Why We Give

When you give to God's work through First Baptist Jackson, you invest in over 100 different types of ministries in Jackson and around the world.  This makes possible CityChurch, our Counseling Center, Mission First and so much more.  Your giving provides for 10,000 Southern Baptist Missionaries and the education of young people in our seminaries.

When God's people bring God's tithe to God's storehouse on God's day, God's work will go forward to His glory and His people will be blessed!

Give Securely Online

Mission & Ministry Plan
(General Fund)
Vision For Life
(Building Fund)
Mission Offerings

Establish your own account password to retrieve your information each time you return to the site.  You may specify a one-time donation or set up recurring contributions. 

Other Ways to Give

>> How to give by Cash or Check

Contributions may be made through the offering plate during worship services, in the Sunday School class record folder, delivery to the Business Office on the 3rd floor of the church, or by Postal Mail to:

First Baptist Jackson
Business Office
P.O. Box 250
Jackson, MS 39205-0250

For calendar year designation, the church must receive gifts by December 31 or they must be postmarked by December 31.

>> How to give by Text Message

You can now give by Text Messaging.

Here's how it works: Text any amount to 601-255-1717.

First-time users will be sent a link for a one-time, confidential registration of your credit or debit card information.

Going forward, simply text any amount to 601-255-1717.  Thank you for being faithful in your giving.

>> How to give through Internet Banking

Contributions through internet banking should reference your church envelope (account) number when arranging the payment with your bank.

>> How to give by Bank Draft

Tithes and offerings can be drafted from a checking account by the church once per month. Click here for a printable Direct Debit Authorization form. Return the completed form (with an attached voided check) to:

First Baptist Jackson
Business Office
P.O. Box 250
Jackson, MS 39205-0250

>> How to give Appreciated Stock

Appreciated stock is an excellent way to contribute to First Baptist Jackson, because taxes on capital gains are not assessed and therefore, your contribution goes further. You can actually give more by giving stock and being found faithful in your tithes and offerings to do the work of God at First Baptist Jackson.

You may electronically transfer ownership of stock to First Baptist Jackson by contacting the Business Office to receive the DTC number and First Baptist Jackson’s account number.

Stock certificates contributions require a form that is available in the Business Office. Please notify the Business Office of your intention to make this type of contribution.

>> How to give Life Insurance, Retirement Assets and Bequests

If you change ownership of a paid-in-full life insurance policy to First Baptist Jackson, you may have a current income tax deduction. By naming First Baptist Jackson as the beneficiary of all or a portion of your retirement assets upon your death, you may make a gift of the assets that may have been your most highly-taxed assets, which may provide lesser-taxed assets to be left for your family. 

If you name First Baptist Jackson in your Last Will and Testament or living trust, your contribution will be exempt from federal estate tax, and you will still have control of your assets during your lifetime. 

These may be complicated financial transactions, and we strongly urge you to consult an attorney or tax professional before making any such arrangements.

Record Keeping Details

>> Contribution Statements

All contributions are recorded using the contributor’s name. Contribution statement are sent quarterly and an annual statement is sent in January.

>> Offering Envelopes

First Baptist Jackson uses two types of offering envelopes, personalized and standard.

Personalized Envelopes

Personalized envelopes are pre-labeled for church members and mailed monthly to the member's address. The label includes an envelope (account number) assigned by the Business Office. Separate envelopes will be provided for Special Offerings.

Standard Envelopes

Standard envelopes are for general use. They are white in color and are found in the pews of our sanctuary. Your name , amount, and any designation should be written on the envelope face.


For more information, please contact Bobby Ray, Business Administrator.