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Groups for Single Adults 20+

Meeting Wednesday evenings in the Chapel Parlor, located on the 1st floor off the Mississippi Street Entrance. | Read More>>

Typical ages and format for this co-ed class are adults in their 20s. The class is led by Jack Lane, David Maron, Stacy Davidson & Doug Gunn. | Read More>>

Jack Lane/David Maron

Are you a new single mom or one that is parenting alone? Have you been looking for a Sunday School class that will help and guide you through this time in your life? We have just the place for you! | Read More>>

Lori Phillips

This class consists of single adults, ages 22-24. The class is led by Ron & Beth Aldridge and Jeff & Diann Zachary | Read More>>

Aldridge/ Zachary

Join with other internationals on Sunday mornings for friendship and Bible study. Contact information: Charlie Boudreaux, 601-949-1949, email: | Read More>>

Charlie Boudreaux & Tom Isonhood

Community is God's gift to us, flowing from who He is.  At First Baptist Jackson, opportunities abound to engage in small groups that enable encouraging relationships and build biblical community.