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Groups for Other Bible Studies

If you ask them, preteens would tell you they're not "in between" anything. They are facing puberty, drugs, sex, acceptance, and self-esteem issues every day. This Sunday night discipleship time is de | Read More>>

Zach Zettler

Join all 1st-4th graders on the 5th floor on Sunday nights as we dive in deeper into God's Word!  Have you ever thought about how people will recognize if you are a Christian or not?  Love | Read More>>

Zach Zettler

We have on average 40-50 girls that meet with either Mallory or one of our girls interns and they walk together through the scriptures then take them to their schools.  7:15 am Mondays at | Read More>>

Mallory McCoy

A Monday Bible Study and support group for young moms. Sept 8 - October 27: Respectfully Yours (Marriage) by Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs Discover the secret that empowers a woman to influe | Read More>>

Mary Ann Cope

"The GATHERING" Mid-week Bible Study for 30's/40's Single Adults | Read More>>

Gwen Jenkins

A Wednesday morning Bible study for women more tuned in to life’s stage than life’s age!  This “middlessence” group gathers for Bible study and fellowship each Wednesday m | Read More>>

Millie Quarterman and Becke’ Melton

Help children hide God's Word in their hearts! In Bible Drill, 4th through 6th graders will Increase in knowledge of the Bible Develop skills in locating Bible books and key passages Memorize the | Read More>>

Zach Zettler

Join us on Wednesday nights and make applications to your life from God's Word through our study of Jonah: "Things You Learn in a Fish's Belly"  Led by Ken Blackstock. Have Children? Wednesday | Read More>>


On Wednesday nights, our metro area students gather for Wednesday Night Discipleship - a dynamic time of mid-week worship and connection. Feel free to contact Casey Williams or Mallory McCoy&nbs | Read More>>

Casey Williams

Meeting Wednesday evenings in the Chapel Parlor, located on the 1st floor off the Mississippi Street Entrance. | Read More>>

Join college students from all over Jackson for this Wednesday midweek worship and teaching experience at 6:35 pm. 635 begins Sept 3, 2014 for the Fall. | Read More>>

Steven Smith

Join women of all ages for this Thursday morning Precept Class. Daniel Part 2 (Daniel Chapters 7-12) Gain understanding of the time of the end. How do you live as a Daniel in the cruc | Read More>>

Debbie Peeples

A Monthly Bible Study for ladies.  The group meets nine months of the year – August through May – the second Tuesday evening of the month at 6:30 p.m.  Members take tur | Read More>>

Community is God's gift to us, flowing from who He is.  At First Baptist Jackson, opportunities abound to engage in small groups that enable encouraging relationships and build biblical community.