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Groups for Groups for Women

See full Wednesday Night Schedule All classes are multi-age and co-ed, except the ladies Bible Study.  These classes through the Fall from  6:00 - 7:00 pm.   State Street Wednesdays D | Read More>>

Make new friends, sample a taste of America, and enjoy Southern hospitality! This English-as-a -Second-Language ministry offers classes for all levels of learning in conversational English, readi | Read More>>

Mallory Rosamond

Outstretched in Praise for Women - For fitness level interests in Yoga Techniques in a Christian setting. Meets Tuesday and Thursday.  Come one or both days. | Read More>>

Susan Mason

Pilates Class for Women - Strengthens, Lengthens and Tones all muscles of the body. Meets Monday and Thursday night.  Come one or both nights. | Read More>>

Andrea Sabillon

This class is made up of women of all ages who love the Lord, His people, and His church. A Peek Into Our Group... What Makes Us UniqueThis class is made up of ladies who love the Lord, His people, | Read More>>

Sandra Yarbrough

You are invited to enjoy fellowship and love in this senior adult class for women as they explore the Bible together. A Peek Into Our Group... What Makes Us UniqueThe love that exudes from all of ou | Read More>>

Susan Lindsay

The name, "Koinonia"—which means community in Greek--is very appropriate for this loving class for women. They lean on each other for prayer support, laugh and cry with each other, and care abou | Read More>>

Charlotte McMinn & Elise McCurley

We are a diverse group of married and single women who are seeking a closer, deeper relationship with our Lord and with fellow believers by studying God's Word. A Peek Into Our Group... What Makes U | Read More>>

Robin Wise

Typical ages and format for the class are 70+ Ladies, Lecture/Interactive. | Read More>>

Bobbie Miller

Typical ages and format for the class are 60+ Women, Lecture/Interactive. | Read More>>

Chris Howie

Typical ages and format for the class are 70+ Women, Lecture. | Read More>>

Peggy Johnson

You are invited to visit the Peace Class, which offers a place for women over 60 to connect, pray, fellowship, learn, and give. A Peek Into Our Group... What Makes Us Unique We have a lot of fellow | Read More>>

Mary Belle Lundquist

Are you a new single mom or one that is parenting alone? Have you been looking for a Sunday School class that will help and guide you through this time in your life? We have just the place for y | Read More>>

Erika Trinidad

A Wednesday morning Bible study for women more tuned in to life’s stage than life’s age! This “middlessence” group gathers for Bible study and fellowship each Wednesday mornin | Read More>>

Join women of all ages for this Thursday morning Precept Class.   Topic: Isaiah, Part I For information about the class, contact teacher Debbie Peeples (601-898-7798) | Read More>>

Debbie Peeples

A mom's Bible study and support group. Fall Study: "The Armor of God" by Priscilla Shirer * Free preschool childcare registration available: Call 601.949.1997 Led by Mary Ann Cope, Maridel Ingram, | Read More>>

Community is God's gift to us, flowing from who He is.  At First Baptist Jackson, opportunities abound to engage in small groups that enable encouraging relationships and build biblical community.