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Groups for Groups for Women

This class is made up of women of all ages who love the Lord, His people, and His church. A Peek Into Our Group... What Makes Us UniqueThis class is made up of ladies who love the Lord, His people, | Read More>>

Sandra Yarbrough

You are invited to enjoy fellowship and love in this senior adult class for women as they explore the Bible together. A Peek Into Our Group... What Makes Us UniqueThe love that exudes from all of ou | Read More>>

Susan Lindsay

The name, "Koinonia"—which means community in Greek--is very appropriate for this loving class for women. They lean on each other for prayer support, laugh and cry with each other, and care abou | Read More>>

Charlotte McMinn & Elise McCurley

We are a diverse group of married and single women who are seeking a closer, deeper relationship with our Lord and with fellow believers by studying God's Word. A Peek Into Our Group... What Makes U | Read More>>

Robin Wise

Typical ages and format for the class are 70+ Ladies, Lecture/Interactive. | Read More>>

Bobbie Miller

Typical ages and format for the class are 60+ Women, Lecture/Interactive. | Read More>>

Chris Howie

Typical ages and format for the class are 70+ Women, Lecture. | Read More>>

Peggy Johnson

You are invited to visit the Peace Class, which offers a place for women over 60 to connect, pray, fellowship, learn, and give. A Peek Into Our Group... What Makes Us Unique We have a lot of fellow | Read More>>

Mary Belle Lundquist

Are you a new single mom or one that is parenting alone? Have you been looking for a Sunday School class that will help and guide you through this time in your life? We have just the place for y | Read More>>

Erika Trinidad

Pilates Class for Women - Strengthens, Lengthens and Tones all muscles of the body. Meets Monday and Thursday night.  Come one or both nights. Instructor: Mitzi Cockrell | | Read More>>

Outstretched in Praise for Women & Men - For fitness level interests in Yoga Techniques in a Christian setting. Meets Tuesday and Thursday.  Come one or both days. Instructor: Susan Mason | | Read More>>

Make new friends, sample a taste of America, and enjoy Southern hospitality! This English-as-a -Second-Language ministry offers classes for all levels of learning in conversational English, readi | Read More>>

Join women of all ages for this Thursday morning Precept Class.   Topic: Isaiah, Part I For information about the class, contact teacher Debbie Peeples (601-898-7798) | Read More>>

Debbie Peeples

Community is God's gift to us, flowing from who He is.  At First Baptist Jackson, opportunities abound to engage in small groups that enable encouraging relationships and build biblical community.